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gold leaf


Inlaid Gold Leaf uses genuine 23 karate gold leaf inlayed with other composite leaf metals to create unique designs that are unparalleled in the world of gold leafing. ProArt Paint is the leading pioneer in the gold leaf inlay style and has developed a process for successful inlaying of genuine gold leaf materials.

inlayed gold leaf

Gold leaf is real gold and other actual metals that have no comparison in luster and color when compared to any painted simulations. Colored composite metal leafs add depth to these designs. You'll only find inlayed gold leaf at ProArt Paint.

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tribal flames


Beveled Edges on flame jobs and graphics add a touch of detail that looks simply awesome. The effect is heightened by adding drop shadows to separate the graphic design from the background.

beveled edge flames

The bevels are carefully masked and then airbrushed on to the graphic, paying particular attention to the effect of directional lighting so that when completed it all looks 3-dimensional. (Click the thumbs to see more views of these paint jobs.)

--- C O L O R - C H A N G I N G P A I N T S ---


Color Changing paints change colors depending on the angle of view. Shown here is a magenta to cyan color change in a flame design over black. (Click the thumb below to see more of the effect.) The color changing effect is most visible over black, but ProArt Paint has used color-changing paints successfully over other colors as well,
color changing flames
sometimes making the effect quite subtle. There are numerous color ranges available: magenta to gold, cyan to green, blue to gold, green to red, cyan to magenta, and many others.


--- REAL FIRE ---  

The 21st Century Flames

airbrushed flames  
truefire flames

Real Fire, also called "True-Fire", is in... it's a hot trend. The popularity of the 1950's style flames has evolved. The soft edges of free-hand airbrush work can create free-form flames that emulate the look, feel and transparency of real fire. Above and Right, these flames lick at the bike's black finish and on this particular job melt into a
truefire flames
skull on the top of the tank. Above and to the left, Free-flowing blue fire over a black base.

To the right a group of helmets in oranges and blues, and below, the subtile ghosty grey-white flames against a pearl silver are interlaced with dollar signs and a skull on the tank.

truefire flames

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